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Profile of GuangzhouPui Ching Middle School

English Edition


Located at Peizheng Road in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Pui Ching Middle School is a state-owned full time public school with its campus covering an area of nearly 70,000 square meters.

The school buildings, primitively simple and elegant, mainly built in the early 19 century, are equipped with advanced first-class teaching facilities. The school contains 36 classes for senior grade and 26 classes for junior grade. There are 230 teachers, among whom 66 people are senior teachers .

Founded in 1889, the school has a history of 126 years. Pui Ching has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the society. As there are 14 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering among Pui Ching alumni, the school is regarded as " the cradle of celebrity ."

It is the motto of “Strive for virtue and integrity” and "red and blue spirit" that the Pui Ching people have been pursuing as a concept since the last century. The school mission is to develop a  student with a sound personality, science and humanities as well as international perspective. The educational philosophy is "Inheriting, innovating and outperforming." "Virtue and integrity" characteristic courses and "full-of-life class" designing are the school distinctive cultural features.

Along with the improvement of the teaching quality, the rate of students to college has reached to 100 percent and the enrollment rate of undergraduates has increased up to 95%. 94% of junior high students get A or B in the High School Entrance Examination, ranking the top among the schools in Yuexiu District. Students of Pui Ching have gained outstanding achievements in provincial, national and international competitions. Meanwhile, teachers strive for continuous improvement in teaching proficiency and remarkable contributions to teaching methodology, therefore with many entiled with various honors.

Pui Ching consistently advocate Whole Person Education. Students act an active part in school clubs, football team, rugby team, softball team, symphony ochestra, dance team, hip-hop team, stamp-collecting club, photography club and other societies. They have already achieved a great many extraordinary results in almost all major events.

Guangzhou Pui Ching Middle School has won numerous honors and has been awarded Hundred Famous Schools of the country, the National Harmonious Campus, China Contemporary Characteristic School, Top School in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province National Model High School, Guangdong Provincial High School with Elite Teaching Achievements, Guangdong Provincial Advanced Unit, Guangdong Provincial Safe and Civilized Campus, Guangdong Provincial Green School,  Guangdong Province International Eco schools Green Flag Unit, Guangdong Provincial Experimental School of Modern Technology Education, Guangdong Provincial Traditional Sports Project School (Football), Guangzhou Garden School, Guangzhou Youth Astronomy Professional Base, The National and Guangzhou Youth Philately Demonstration Base.



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